Defence Minister Reiterates Government’s Commitment To Security In The Country

Defense Minister, Hon Dominic Ntiwul has reiterated government’s commitment to provide all the needed resources to the security agencies in the country to ensure that Ghana is and remain peaceful, before during and after the elections.

He has also applauded the people of the Volta region especially opinion leaders for their cooperation in maintaining peace and order.

Speaking to the media at the launch of the 75th United Nations Day anniversary celebration, the minister said calm has been restored to the Volta region because the people are given information to the security agencies which has led to the arrest of some persons.

He said this government will not do anything to disrupt the peace of the country because it met a peaceful Ghana and so shall it be.

He continued that Ghana is peaceful because Ghanaians are by nature very peaceful people.

He said even Ghanaian peace keepers who are sent to other nations to maintain peace and order are always excelling due to their peaceful nature, and so Ghanaians must ensure that the peace we are enjoying today is protected for the development of the country.

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