Presidential Staffer Survives Gun Attack At Afienya

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A presidential staffer was last weekend attacked by an unidentified military officer later identified as ‘Mahama boy’ who fired a gunshot aimed at the staffer.

Robert Tetteyfio Adjase, the staffer who was the victim attacked, said he and his colleagues were returning from assignments in the interest of Ghana that is from Volta and Eastern Regions when the attack took place at a filling station near Afienya police station.

Mr Adjase, a pleasant and cheerful gentleman according to his colleagues, said on their way back to Accra from the assignments, they noticed they were being chased by occupants in an unmarked and unregistered white Escalade.
Upon reaching Afienya, Robert Tetteyfio Adjase asked his colleagues to stop at a fuel station nearby to see what the chase was all about.

As they stopped, the assailant also stopped by them and pulled out a pistol which he fired directly at Robert. However, Robert was pulled back by Courage Kwashigah which saved him from receiving a bullet on his chest.

Robert then asked one of his colleagues to start video recording what was going on as they confronted the assailant, demanding why he shot at them at a very close range and firing a gun at a petrol station.

The assailant in response told them he would ‘show them’.

Further, a retired army officer WO1 who was the security man in charge upon seeing what ensued brought out his gun to quell the aggressive behavior of the suspect, who was still brandishing his firearm.

In addition, captured on the video, the unknown military man retorted by saying “I’ll show you”, a phrase which in Ghana may be deemed threatening.

Hitherto, Robert Tetteyfio Adjase said the incident has been reported at the CID headquarters, the Military High Command, and the National Security for further investigations.

By: Isaac Clottey

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