Samira Bawumia Has Disabused The Mind Of The Fulani That NPP Would One Day, Drive Them Away From Ghana

Hajia Samira Baumia, is in the Eastern region, visiting the zongo communities, Magajias and the Fulani communities to gear them up to take advantage of the government’s Free SHS policy and other Flagship programs and then vote massively for Prez Akufo-Addo and the NPP parliamentary candidates to do more for Ghana.

The gathering at Afram Plains North was also attended by a number of Fulani in the area.

Samira Bawumia appealed to the people for change their voting pattern which has since 1992, given their Parliamentary seat to NDC and this time, vote for NPP because NDC has never done anything good to better their condition.

She said all good things you can talk about at Afram Plains, be it roads, school buildings, Free SHS, health, light, and today’s free water come from NPP & in this era, come from Nana Akufo-Addo.

She appealed to the people to vote for Nana to give him 4more years to do more for them and also vote for Ofori Koreè as their MP for more development.

Samira then turned to the large number of fulani including women, men and the youth.
She danced with them and then called on the gathering to look at her face.

She disabused their mind from the lies and deceit from NDC that NPP would one day, drive the fulani away.
She queried if she would one day be driven away & if so, driven to where?

She so much motivated the gathering when she changed the dialect to fulani and received much applause when she spoke the language.

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